Wednesday, June 19, 2013

June Ipsy Bag

Getting back into doing monthly updates for Ipsy. I've really enjoyed the past couple of bags!

Theme: On the Wild Side
Starlooks Lip Liner in Bare ($12) 2.4g FULL
NYX Rouge Cream Blush in Golden ($6) 3.5g/0.12oz FULL
Chella Ivory Lace Highlighter Pencil ($18) 1.4g FULL Sparkling Cream Palette in Volta ($4.49) 3g/0.1oz FULL EL505 Eyelashes with Glue ($3.99)

Total Value: $44.48

They recently started focusing more on delivering personalized bags. The other items this month were a gel liner from Cailyn Cosmetics and dry shampoo from Freeman Beauty. I think the gel liner looked pretty interesting but I wouldn't swap it for the Chella highlighter. Also, the type of NYX blush varied between bags (it was either cream, mosaic, or powder). Overall, lots of options this month so each bag is a little different.

Starlooks Lip Liner in Bare (Top)
NYX Rouge Cream Blush in Golden (Bottom)

Both products were really creamy. The lip liner was a brown pinky-plum. It's quite pigmented. The blush is a sheer peachy with fine gold shimmer. The two products seem to go together quite well.

Chella Ivory Lace Highlighter Pencil (Right)

When I first swatched it, it reminded me a lot of Tarte EmphasEYES Inner Rim Brightener. I compared to two. While they are in the same family, the Tarte liner is a little warmer and has a little more pink in it. I'm not sure if you can use the Chella pencil on the waterline but it would be pretty nifty if I can. Sparkling Cream in Volta

This is probably the most impractical item I've ever received from Ipsy (this includes the Miss Beauty Nail Bling in last year's May Bag). For one,'s website advises caution when applying to the eye area which means this isn't meant to be a glitter eyeshadow. Also, I don't know when I'll ever get a chance to use it. Plus, the texture is very slippery. Still, the glitters are actually really pretty.  

From left to right: chunky gold/multicolor glitter, fine teal & black glitter, fine olivey-gold & black glitter, fine black & silver/multicolor, and fine purply-grey & silver glitter. EL505 Eyelashes and Lash Glue

These lashes look really pretty and feel soft & light. The lash glue has an interesting applicator (like a little spatula!) that I think will work quite well. It's also a dark glue which is a plus for covering up application mistakes. 

There you have it! This month's Ipsy bag. Since the products are full-size and are types of products I wanted to try, I really liked this one. I feel like Ipsy has been getting a hang of things and been on the ball lately. Even with an impractical product like the glitter palette, it's still fun and I got my money's worth in this bag. 

Also, I've actually been using some of the products from my Ipsy bags so lots of mini reviews coming!


  1. I like the little bag it came in!

    1. Me too! The neon yellow and leopard print is really fun. I like that the style and design of the bag changes from month to month.

  2. A dark eyelash glue? I've never heard of that, but what a great idea!! How do the lashes look on? :)

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