Saturday, June 6, 2009

I Have a Lifetime of Eyeshadow

No, not really. But with 120 eyeshadows it's kinda hard to run out.

Product: Pro 120 Palette
Where to Buy: Ebay sellers, Beauties Factory
Price: Depends. Mine was $13USD before shipping. $30USD after shipping (seller on Ebay was from Malaysia). On the website, it's $30USD.
Notes: The brand on the palette isn't always Beauties Factory. It's also seen with a Manly label (I thought this was rather hilarious).
Recommend?: Yes, especially if you're first starting off with makeup.
1) Great variety of colors
2) Matte and shimmer finishes
3) Soft/Blendable
1) Some shimmer shades have fallout
2) Lighter colors don't have good color payoff and not very buildable
3) Not enough neutrals
4) Comes with an immense sense of guilt if you want to buy other eyeshadows because you have 120 colors waiting to be used =(

A few months ago, I purchased the famous 120 Pro Palette. The palette has, obviously, 120 eyeshadows in matte and shimmer finishes. Pans are dime sized and in two separate plates of shadow that are stacked in the case. Basically, you have every color under the rainbow, though it seems heavy on the blue. I bought this instead of the Coastal Scents one because I wanted matte and shimmer and didn't want to have to get 2 different palettes. And, the CS palettes are the same colors except in different finishes and I wanted a greater variety to experiment with.

The colors are decently pigmented. I use the brown row the most and the major flaw in the palette is that there aren't enough neutrals. I love the purples too. I think they are very true to pan color. The two purple shadows in the middle of the row are absolutely gorgeous. I tried using the pinks a bit but had some problems getting the color to build up. I think the stars of the palette are the marbled colors (right-most column in first picture). I swatched them a few times. Payoff is great and if you don't blend the colors completely, you get a lovely sheen that has a gradient of color.

Texture is standard. Soft and blendable but some colors can crumble and cause fall out during application. I don't really have many complaints about the texture.

*Some palettes are more expensive becaue they come with brushes (most sellers on Ebay and the website also includes a free travel brush set). DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT pay more just for the brush set. They are horrible. The wood is light and cheap. The bristles feel like a broom. Dye hemorraged during wash. I had a furrel slip off during the 2nd! washing. Some Ebay sellers have palette+brushset at the same price as just the palette so that would be a good time to get it because the brush roll it comes with is very pretty and handy. Otherwise, just stick with the palette.

Hope you enjoyed the review despite my very long paragraphs. I tend to ramble and write a lot. I had a small drugstore haul two days ago so I'll post it up with reviews soon.