Monday, January 9, 2012

Rite Aid Renewal Brushes!

I stumbled across these first in Sept. when I was in Boston and was extremely surprised by them. At that point, drugstore makeup brushes were mainly CVS' Essence of Beauty brushes or Ecotools. These Rite Aid ones looked considerably fancier with its duo-fibers. I snatched three up a little bit later. I got the Powder Brush, Angled Blush Brush, and the Duo-Fiber Blending brush.

They each came in a box which had an informative blurb on the back. There was a face diagram that showed where/how to use these brushes. I think these would be an excellent introduction for people just getting into makeup.

The brushes themselves were initially disappointing. I found the actual brush head quite small, even when compared the CVS travel brushes. However, the brushes overall had a good sturdy weight to them. They also looked much better than the CVS ones. The brushes were full and soft. The bristles were synthetic so they can be used with powder, liquid, and cream products. The handle is matte black and rubberized, which provides a good grip.

After using them a few times, I've come to really like them. The powder brush is full and does a great job of dusting a fine layer of setting powder. While the angled brush is small (just a little wider than two fingers), it fits perfectly into the hollows of my cheeks. It blends well and is very precise, which is great for contouring.

I haven't gotten much use out of the the stippling brush. I did use it to stipple on foundation once and it did a pretty good job. It also didn't take that long considering its size compared to the Sephora stippling brush. I guess it would be very comparable to MAC 188's size.

Overall, these are excellent brushes and worth the price ($8 each, I believe). Quality wise, these are leagues better than the CVS ones and are comparable to Ecotools. They are more affordable than say MAC, Sephora, or Sigma and you aren't losing much in terms of quality or performance. Rite Aid also has a travel kit and eye brushes. I probably will be picking those up some time in the future.