Friday, April 2, 2010

Caffeine and Oil Control?

I'm a big fan of coffee, especially Starbucks (probably because of accessibility). If you were walking from one end of my campus to another, you'll find 5 Starbucks (four of them accept points from my university). All in all, you won't have a hard time finding a cup of coffee.

Besides from coffee, Starbucks also has something else great to offer. It's more beauty related and a lot more useful than an overload of caffeine. It's the napkins! I found out about the trick from and it really works. It has to be the special, brown, recycled napkins with Starbucks on it. Some of the campus branches don't have the "official" Starbucks napkins so their oil absorbing capabilities aren't all that great. I just blotted my face and the Starbucks napkins work/look like an actual oil blotting sheet. Best thing? They're absolutely free.

I get pretty oily during the day, especially if I have makeup on. Instead of shelling out money for a dinky little packet of Clean & Clear sheets, I just grab a wad of napkins whenever I'm at Starbucks and cut them to size to keep in my bag.

Fun little beauty tips like that make my day. Hope it makes you a little happy too! =)