Wednesday, June 30, 2010

$1 Body Shop Eyeshadows!

So The Body Shop been having a sale and some of their makeup items were on clearance. I was browsing with some friends and saw some eyeshadows on sale. I checked their price tag and both were $1 each (normal price is $12)! I was a little surprised because both were wearable colors and on the warm, neutral side. I snatched both up. They had ever-so-descriptive labels of 02 and 09. Some research told me that 02 is probably Golden Khaki and 09 is Fawn Parfait (but don't quote me on the names). On the official website, 02 and 09 have been removed from the list.

02 (Left) and 09 (Right)

02 is a olive/mossy green with gold shimmer and 09 is a light brown with some pink in it. Both have a bit of a sheen and okay pigmentation. It's a little chalky, though only when you really layer the shadow on. The shadows are really soft and blendable. Great shadows made even better by the price!

I'm pretty tan right now so the skin swatches don't show much. 02 reminds me a little of Urban Decay's Stash 24/7 eyeliner. 09 is a bit nude on my lids but the pink does show up well. I think it would look nice with a dark brown in the crease.

I've only used 02 for an eye look. I blended a little of Wet N' Wild's Idol Eyes Creme Eyeshadow in Graphite (black with a bit of silver shimmer) into the outer corners and into the crease. I blended 02 over top to get a simple smokey look.

Depotting the shadows was super easy (thought a bit foolish on my part since I don't have a palette. Now they're just rattling around in their pans). Just remove the labels (there's quite a bit) in the back until you get to the plastic. There's a hole on the bottom. Just poke through it to push the shadow pan out of the plastic. You'll need a little force since the glue is pretty sticky.

I believe The Body Shop is still having a big sale in their stores and some of the makeup is on clearance. See if there are any more $1 eyeshadows up for grabs.

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